FAMIT has been working with documentations and archives of process control, in compliance with the requirements of the automotive industry since 1984; the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 certification issued by D.N.V. Italiana s.r.l. (cert. no. 05973 - 2000 AQ MIL SINCERT) certifies a state of the quality system that represents FAMIT's daily standard.

This philosophy embraces the whole corporate system, from machines maintenance plans to those concerning personnel training, to continue with process controls.

Product controls are carried out on each batch in terms of attributes and variables according to pre-defined or customised samples plans, the CM and CMK machinery capacity and the CP and CPK process data is elaborated, the controls are registered and traceability is guaranteed from raw materials up to the single label on the final packaging.

Similarly, external, mechanical or, typically, thermal and galvanizing processes, are subject to controls strictly defined by samples plans for each individual item.

small metal parts
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